Xplore 422

Xplore 422 starting from £11,795 (excluding VAT)
A deceptively spacious new 2-berth model. Lightweight and easy-to-tow,
yet tardis-like inside!

The roomy lounge converts into a large double bed, with a fully equipped
side-bathroom and a well-equipped, beautifully-lit kitchen and dresser
spanning the rear of this nifty new model.

Xplore is the most innovative lightweight value caravan range available

The multi-award-winning range features layouts that are both unique and
exclusive – and some of the very lightest caravans in the UK.

Every model is compact and easy-to-tow with virtually any car, yet the
Xplore’s diminutive size belies the spacious and ingenious storage

The Xplore range boasts features and specification to outclass its
competitors, yet comes at a very affordable price … no wonder the
Xplore is synonymous with exceptional value for money.
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